Eco Time Technology specialises in the marketing, distribution and support of Time Management Solutions throughout Southern Africa and abroad. Our products have been developed to offer a range of integrated Time & Attendance and Access Control solutions for any size business.

Eco Time Technology offers a range of solutions to accommodate the varied needs of the Time and Attendance market. We offer biometric time clocks which can be used for tracking employee attendance with or without software. The electronic clocking machines can run stand-alone or can be accessed via your company network, wi-fi and 3G. We even have a portable version for staff working offsite.

The clocking system can be expanded with CS Time – our user-friendly software package. It can be customized to suit your company’s shift schedules and rules.  It includes many powerful TNA features such as shift rostering, overtime authorisation, employee leave tracking, reports on clocking exceptions, a web interface for remote access, etc.  At the end of your payroll period the employee hours can be imported directly into your payroll package eliminating capturing errors and saving time.

CS Time allows you to add access control to your premises using turnstiles or electronic door locks.  The Visitor Management System assists security in tracking visitors to your company.

Streamline your business by tracking the time spent on jobs or in specific cost centres with the optional job costing module.

If you have electronic time clocks and you are looking for a feature-rich and powerful software package, don’t despair – CS Time is compatible with third party hardware like Actatek, Hanvon, ZK Software, Anviz, Impro and Handpunch.

If you don’t have the infrastructure for a computerised clocking system we also offer Nideka punch clocks with a range of clock cards to choose from.

You can research our Time and Attendance solutions under the Products section. We strive to establish a strong partnership with each of our customers because the continued success of our company and the reputation of our products hinges on the satisfaction of our users.  Our flagship hardware and software are developed and manufactured in South Africa, giving us an edge by allowing for cost effective and speedy support.

Customers who receive both cost effective product and service become our best reference and marketing showpiece. We subscribe to the view that offering a quality service to our customers is of paramount importance. Not even the greatest horse will be “first past the post” without a good jockey.






We pride ourselves on our strong Client Services focus. Our high levels of support complement our globally respected Time and Attendance solutions. This is the key to our success. No matter how big or how small your Time and Attendance solution is, each new customer will have a dedicated Project Manager to ensure an effective implementation. This provides our new customers with a single point of reference during the installation phase which ensures that any queries or problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Food for thought:
10 minutes of lost time per day equals 1 week of lost productivity per year. Can you afford not to have an Eco Time system?