Larger enterprises

By default if one does not fit into the classification of a “Small to Medium Business” one would be classified as a Larger Business.

The scope for a Larger Business from a Time Management perspective encapulates at least some of the following criteria :

  1. A larger workforce from 100 employees upwards.
  2. A multiple site requirement.
  3. The need for more than one clocking terminal
  4. Complex Shift requirements.
  5. Optional modules, integrated with the Time & Attendance software, are required, for Access Control and/or Labour costing functionality.

Eco Time Technology prides itself on its ability to tailor make a solution for the differing Time Management needs of its clients. This is achieved through Eco’s broad range of products that caters for varying functionality, with the flexibility to be able to integrate and configure these in an efficient structure. All of these solutions incorporate locally developed Hardware and Software which communicate through a variety of network options. (Hardware could be directly cabled, linked through LAN’s, WAN’s, Wireless Networks, etc).

All of these solutions stem from the primary need to regulate the Time and Attendance of the employees of a business. The system must be robust and efficient, user friendly and flexible, accurate, reliable and effective in order to ultimately be trusted by Employee and Employer alike.

Having satisfied the ability to meet any particular Client’s Time and Attendance requirements in full, Eco Time Technology is able to offer additional solutions such as Access Control, HR & Leave Management and Labour Costing (see below):