Access control

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Control, Restrict, Monitor

The strict regulation of access to controlled areas by employees and visitors enhances company security and safeguards employees, assets and confidentiality of proprietary information.

Access  can be integrated with CSTime, our state of the art Time and Attendance software package.



The system generates concise and useful reports, including exception reports which provide management with key information about access irregularities. The enhanced control introduced through the Access 5 system serves to provide both management and staff with peace of mind.


  • Provides effective control over entry and exit of both staff and visitors to your business.
  • Allows for monitoring of authorised cardholders to controlled areas.
  • Access restrictions provides an effective means of controlling stock shrinkage and theft.
  • Access  restricts access through different control points at user time zones.
  • Control staff and visitors movement from point to point throughout the premises.
  • Anti-passback and Pathing: By coupling Access  with CSTime, one can eliminate the practice of “buddy clocking” by forcing employees to clock for access before they can clock in for time and attendance. On departure they will have to clock out for time and attendance before access control will allow them to leave the premises.


  • Area status window displays staff’s and or visitors’ current access area in real-time mode.
  • Anti pass-back limits access to areas using one swipe only.
  • Time zones limits entries and exits to areas during certain times per day.
  • Options to set cards or tags as master keys to lock or open premises.
  • Shares the same database as CSTime, which eliminates duplicating masterfile entries for time and attendance and access control.
  • Report on staff or visitors movement through your premises.
  • Highlight delays between access and clocking points via reports or on screen.
  • Routing or pathing of employees and or visitors.
  • Monitoring of toilet and or smoke breaks.