Labour costing


Allocate, Track, Compare

Job 6  is a computerised labour costing system that replaces the traditional hand written timesheet. In doing so one eliminates the errors and inaccuracies inherent in manual system. The accurate Job 6  database provides up to date management information about labour tracking without time consuming data capture.

Job 6  data entry is employee activated through the tagging of a swipe card, proximity card, keypad entry or combinations of these technologies; it’s simple to use and reporting options are comprehensive using the standard reports or report writer. Job 6  tracks labour events from the shop floor allowing for the selection of detailed or summary reports per resource and job.



  • Accommodates multiple jobs
  • Allocate hours to any employee, classification or job
  • Allocate hours via tag events or from the device clocked
  • Tracks customer history and details
  • Monitors and warns on job progress
  • Supports employee charge out rates