Time and Attendance

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CSTime interfaces with electronic clocking devices to automate the recording and calculation of employee hours.

It combines an impressive level of functionality with extreme ease of use and is one of the most powerful Time and Attendance packages available, encompassing such features as Macro Scripting, Report Writing and Intelligent Error Correction. It can provide a payroll extract compatible with any Payroll software that accepts a flat ASCII file.


Sophisticated shift definition provides the functionality of automatic shift recognition, in the event that certain employees work a variety of shifts over a set period.

Payroll Interface

To optimize the efficiency offered by Eco Time’s computerized clocking systems, clients should automate the transfer of the Payroll Hours calculated and the employee leave captured within CSTime, across to their payroll. This saves an enormous amount of time and cuts out the risk of human error involved in the manual process of capturing hours into payroll.

The CSTime software incorporates a Payroll Interface for all of the recognized Payrolls in South Africa, at no extra charge.


CSTime is available in three feature levels: Lite, Standard and Enterprise.

CSTime General Features  Lite Standard Enterprise
Batch Capture
Backup Module
Graphed Warnings ×
Web Interface × ×
SQL Database Support × ×
Supports Multiple Sites × ×
Remote Shutdown ×


CSTime Automated Features Lite Standard Enterprise
Automatic Clocking Collection
Automatic Processing of Clockings


CSTime Shift Features Lite Standard Enterprise
Up to 25 different Time Categories
Up to 250 different Time Rates
Unlimited number of fixed breaks
Rolling shifts
Supports Public Holidays
Daily and Payroll Balancing
Bonus time
Pay on Day Out
Macro Scripts