Small to medium business

In order for one to fit into the classification of a Small to Medium Business, one needs to answer the following questions below :

  1. Do you have less than 100 employees ? (Include your casuals and temporary staff that you would want to clock).
  2. Do you have a requirement for only one site ?
  3. Do you require only one clocking terminal ?
  4. Are your shifts relatively straightforward ?

If one answers “Yes” to all of the above then you will find an appropriate solution amongst the systems offered in this “Small to Medium Business” category. All of these systems may be ordered via the Eco Shop and can be installed and configured oneself – DIY. Two weeks’ Telephonic Assistance is included, in the event that one requires any assistance getting started. Eco Time provides a One Year warranty on its trusted products, each of which is of the highest quality internationally and has proven reliability.

If one does not fit into this profile one should seek a solution to match your needs under the systems for “Larger Businesses”.
You are invited to contact us for advice. We are specialists in the field of Time and Attendance and our consultancy is free and without obligation.

Systems Designed for the Small to Medium Business :


Smartclock – Easy to install and easy to use The Smart clock is a standalone clock with built-in TNA software (using a web browser interface). This…
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TNA Lite

TNA Lite offers an affordable computerised alternative to your current time recording system. The TNA Lite kit comprises of a clocking unit (Proximity or Fingerprint), our class…
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