Latest version of TNA software

Eco Time Technology is proud to announce the release of its latest version of TNA software.  The TNA brand has undergone a name change to CSTime. This software will be provided under Eco Time’s TNACover offering which will ensure that our clients keep pace with technology and have access to the latest versions of CSTime as these are released in the future. (Click here for more info on TNACover)

CSTime incorporates the best features of the previous TNA Vs6 Software and now offers the following additional features and benefits:

  • A “Favourites” group has been added to the Group selection and lookups.
  • Custom groups can be saved and used in scheduled reports and group lookups.
  • One can now archive dormant or redundant daily and payroll shifts, making it easier to browse through shifts when rostering employees, etc.
  • Auto updates for new releases is now included.
  • Integration to ZK and Impro hardware is provided within the CSTime Software.
  • Support for GPRS communications on CS Time clocks.
  • CSTime is optimized for Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  • Filtered lookups based on operator user rights.
  • Support for the new generation Lumidigm Fingerprint reader.
  • One will be able to download and install reports directly online from the Reports Website.
  • All browse windows are customizable per operator. The column orders can be changed; columns can be hidden or unhidden. More columns will be available due to the column hide and unhide functionality of the
  • CSTime software.
  • The Employee browse window will now include a column for employee classifications.
  • The Excel Import Wizard will now provide for :
    Bulk import employees directly from Excel, with real time mapping options.
    Bulk import clockings directly from Excel, with real time mapping options.
  • Jobs can now be assigned multiple cards.
  • Public holidays will be visible on planners
  • CSTime has the ability to recover from lost connections across the WAN where the WAN link to the clients different sites is unreliable. This will dramatically improve redundancy of the accurate information generated  by CSTime.
  • CSTime provides an improved Report engine which supports graphics and non-text based reports.
  • CSTime’s reports accommodate customizable fonts, colours and graphics, and CSTime enhances the speed of printing reports.
  • The Load speed for CSTime  and the Server module has been optimized through improved backend support for SQL and Terminal Services.
  • Locations services support will be provided for clockings  ie. GPS coordinates are included against clockings entered remotely by mobile phone.