Smartclock – Easy to install and easy to use

smartclock_319The Smart clock is a standalone clock with built-in CSTime software (using a web browser interface). This means you can manage your employees clocking and hours over your PC network or the internet. Clocking information can also be downloaded directly from the Smartclock via USB flash disk which can then be imported into an excel spreadsheet or our CSTime software (optional).

The Smartclock calculates employees total time between first IN and last OUT. The Smartclock is available for use with Pin codes (keypad), Proximity Cards or Fingerprint technology.

Additional Key Features:

  • Overtime Balancing
  • Rounding
  • Leave processing including partial leave
  • Holiday processing
  • Flexitime
  • Track Job specific hours (labour costing) – needs CSTime Software
  • Supports access control (trigger electric lock, turnstile etc)
  • Supports interface with siren/bell
  • Smartclock can be easily and seamlessly upgraded work with our CSTime software
  • Designed and manufactured in South Africa providing superb reliability and excellent after sales service

Smartclock is suitable for companies with a maximum of 50 employees.


Try the demo Smartclock

Login = 9970       Password = password

Date Range – 03/10/2011 – 09/10/2011


Watch a video demonstration of this product:Smartclock demo

(please note that the video refers to CS Timeclock which is the international name for this product).

Detailed Information:

General Features Peer-to-peer replication of employee status and time across a
Supports up to three external proximity readers
Multiple cards per employee
Proximity reader
Read range: +/- 12cm
Supported Data Format: ASCII, Wiegand26 and Magnetic ABA Track2
Card Format: EM 4001 or compatible
Fingerprint reader
Scratch resistant 14mm thick crown glass lens
Verification or Identification Fingerprint Recognition
Display Four line, 20 character white font on blue background PLED
Memory Stores up to 10 000 clockings
Communications TCP/IP 10/100 Mb/s
Outputs 3 x Relays
2 x RS485 ports
1 x USB 1.1 port
RJ-45 Ethernet connector
Barrel power jack
-15 to +70 °C
238mm (h) x 153mm (w) x 58mm (d)
IP rating 54 – Dust protected; Spray water from all directions (splashing)

Minimum Requirements:

  • Standard Internet Browser
  • Standard network point for clocking unit
  • Fixed TCP/IP address for clocking unit
  • Standard 220V AC power plug for clocking unit