Visitor Management System

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CS Time Visitor Management System

Eco Time’s Visitor Management System (VMS) is a paperless system to control and manage visitors to your business premises. It does away with visitors having to sign registers or visitor sign-in books. Visitors can now sign in digitally via a touchscreen PC at your reception or if a more mobile option is needed a tablet can be used. If you require visitors to carry identification VMS can print a customisable sticker for the visitor to wear.

VMS maintains a database of all the visitors registered on the system. Visitors can be classified as a new visitor or returning visitor. The following fields are available for capture by the visitor and/or reception: name and contact details, company name, visitor photo via webcam, who the visitor is seeing, reason for the visit, vehicle registration, sign in for a group, equipment declaration (including serial numbers).

All the necessary information for a returning visitor will be stored in the database which means they can be processed quicker. This also means you can track how many times this visitor has been to your premises over a certain period.

If you currently have an Eco Time and Attendance system with access control VMS can be integrated so that visitors can be restricted to certain areas. Your Eco system must be on our latest version of software to support VMS.
Visitors can only be authorised by security or reception.

Here are some of the key features of VMS:

  • Central visitor application to track visitors
  • Customizable user interface to match your company profile
  • Supports touch screens and/or tablets
  • Single visitor and/or group registrations
  • Optional integration with CS Time
  • Access rights in CS Time to restrict visitors to certain areas
  • Automatic e-mail notification to person being visited that visitor has arrived
  • Photo Capture Capability
  • Print Visitor labels. Labels can be customized
  • Auto e-mail notification if visitor has not left your premises by the captured departure time
  • Visitors currently on site report
  • Visitors visit history