Why do you need TNA COVER?

Technology is frequently evolving in order to deliver the best and most advanced products to the market. In years gone by Technology development was not as fast paced as it is today. In the current digital era with Smart Phones, Tablets, Smart TV’s, etc. competition to be the best is fierce and Technology Companies are striving to get ahead of their rivals. The same can be said of the software that runs on these devices. Software serves as the vehicle that delivers the hardware advances to the user.

These advances also apply in the Time and Attendance industry. It is vital to Eco Time Technology that its systems continue to evolve, to meet the advancing technological demands of the market, and the continuing needs of its clients. Eco Time’s new developments aim at enhancing the users’ experience, expanding system functionality, and guaranteeing stability into the future.

Eco Time Technology has introduced TNA COVER to enable its clients to take advantage of the latest developments in the Eco Time software.

TNA COVER will provide you with:

  • Software updates to the latest Releases (within the current Version). New releases are typically issued to provide refinements and minor enhancements to the software
    and occasionally to fix any bugs detected).
  • Software upgrades to the latest Versions as these are released. (A new Version of Software is typically issued with significant enhancements and ensures that the ECO Time software functions efficiently with the latest technology and operating systems available). Providing our Customers with access to the latest software ensures that they do not get left behind on older technology which becomes progressively more difficult to support.
  • Telephonic support from the Eco Time Help Desk during office hours, at no charge.
  • To receive support on site, or remotely at Eco’s Preferential Support Rates (in the event that the Customer requires such service from Eco Time).

TNA COVER is the most effective and efficient way to future-proof your CSTime software.

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We at Eco Time Technology are proud of our excellent reputation, not just for our products but for our service. We have an extremely high satisfaction rating amongst our clients, as illustrated by the following comment, which  is among the many compliments we have received:

Here is how TNA has assisted us in having a drop in our Absenteeism & Late-coming.


First of all, I have to state that the TNA system assisted greatly in combination with our Time & Attendance Policy which outlines clearly what absenteeism is, late-coming, what action will be taken, how to use the system, etc.


On a daily basis, we print out a Current Absenteeism & Late-coming reports (written for Sunny Packs), that shows us who has come late, and who is absent. This list is then circulated amongst our Supervisors and they will make notes on who has and has not reported their late-coming or absenteeism.


If an employee is absent, and has not reported, we stop their card which forces them to report to reception when they return.
With regard to Late-coming, once a month, I print out a late-coming report for all our employees, and those that fall outside the guidelines of our Time & Attendance policy is issued a warning with a print-out of their clocking times to support the warning.


When we started using TNA, our unreported absenteeism was very high, but with the assistance of TNA, daily monitoring and action taken, it has dropped dramatically over the last 12 months. Because we do not capture employee leave on TNA, but on VIP, it does not reflect on TNA reports. I, however monitor it daily, thus I know for a fact it has dropped. We have dismissed 3 employees for unreported absenteeism, as we can prove their absenteeism with TNA. We have also “dismissed” 5 employees for absconding, as TNA highlights to us who has been absent for 3 days or more. (a special report written for us by EcoTime).


With the assistance of TNA, we’ve successfully dismissed 3 employees for continuous late-coming. TNA reports assisted us at the CCMA as it was undeniable facts presented to the Commissioner during the hearings. The employees claimed unfair dismissal and their late-coming was not that bad, but the Commissioner dismissed the case due to the evidence presented to him (TNA reports, warnings, etc.)


With monitoring, we are currently also underway with action against employees for Fraudulent Time Keeping (employees who wait at the clock for home-time before clocking out) as well as Poor Timekeeping. We can pick up who goes into the bathrooms to get dressed before knock-off time and then only go clock out. This is used in conjunction with 160 cameras we have on-site.


Our sirens are also connected up to TNA, thus the when the siren goes off, it goes off at the correct time, based on TNA.


We are also monitoring who goes for excessive smoke breaks, to many bathroom breaks, and to long bathroom breaks (again, a report written for us by EcoTime).


I would have to write an essay on how TNA has dramatically assisted us in monitoring and “controlling” our employees times. Production is now more efficient, as employees are aware that we can monitor their times, thus they are spending more time (as it should be) at their workstations.


I have to make mention that not monitoring employee clockings, and not taking action when required or not having a clearly defined Time & Attendance Policy in conjunction with TNA, it is like a gun without bullets. It’s there to use and help, but of no great assistance.


I hope the above helps you in your decision for implementing TNA through EcoTime.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any queries.

Schalk Cilliers
Administration Manager