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Eco Time Technology Service Commitment And Support Offerings – April 2014

Eco Time Technology prides itself on its excellent levels of Customer Services. We are committed to:

  1. Supplying our Customers with the best Time and Attendance systems in the Market.
  2. Ensuring that our Customers maximise the benefits their system affords them.
  3. Providing our Customers with hassle-free, quality and affordable After Sales service.

In order to give our Customers peace of mind that their investment with Eco Time provides them with continuing efficiency from the use of the system and effective support and quick turnaround times, we offer the following Service Agreements:

Telephonic Helpdesk Support Agreement

This entitles the Customer to receive free telephone support during office hours from our on-duty Consultants, with a guaranteed response time of one hour. The Telephonic Helpdesk Support Agreement renders a significant cost saving when extrapolated over 12 months, and contributes to a stronger, closer relationship between the System operator and the Eco Consultants. This free Telephonic support service is included within the TNACover offering; furthermore new releases of the CSTime software are made available to a TNACover Customer at no charge.

Customers who have contracted for Telephonic support are entitled to Preferential Eco Support rates for any other Software Support services required. This represents a significant discount off Eco’s Standard rates (up to 40% savings) for:

  1. Remote Support
  2.  On-site software support
  3. Software support travel rates

Hardware Maintenance (Annual Contract)

The Hardware Maintenance Contract is designed to save you time and money when it comes to maintaining your Eco Time Hardware. Where a fault occurs on the hardware through fair wear and tear, the parts, labour and travel costs are included at no extra charge to the Customer (Where a Customer is further than 30km from an Eco Service Centre, only the travel costs beyond the 30km mark, are charged – at discounted rates). Contracted Customers get preferential treatment as regards turnaround service times, over Non-contracted Customers.  A further vital benefit is that Contracted Customers are provided with a temporary loan clocking unit, should a clocking unit have to be removed for off-site repairs! Hardware Maintenance Contract Customers are also entitled to discounts on Eco’ Standard Service rates and parts (up to 40% savings) for any other Hardware Support services required.

Additional Customised Service Requests

In the event that Eco Time’s Clients require or request additional services to be included as part of the Eco Service Commitment (such as Remote Support or After Hours Support), Eco Time Technology will negotiate the terms hereof with each Client; the resulting commitment and costs will be documented in a SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT.