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What is Biometrics?

Biometrics is the technical term for biological measurements and/or the calculation of physical characteristics. In simple terms, biometric identifiers are unique to each individual and act as a unique “label” for that individual. Some of these identifiers include fingerprints, palm prints, facial features, eye retinas, DNA etc.


Eco Time software supports biometric identification to ensure 100% accuracy when monitoring Time & Attendance and Access Control. This eliminates the risk of “buddy clocking”, paying employees for shifts not worked and/or not paying employees for shifts they did work.


The integration of physical Access Control Hardware e.g. doors, turnstiles with Eco Time using biometrics ensures effective access control for both employees and visitors, provides optimum premises security and prevents stock shrinkage/theft by securing specific areas – saving you time and money. Find out more about our Access Control solutions. 




The most popular and preferred form of biometric recognition is fingerprint identification and we offer numerous options in terms of hardware. A fingerprint pattern remains the same for a person throughout his/her life, making this method reliable and dependable for Time & Attendance as well as Access Control. 


Fingerprints are also largely accessible, with only 2% of the population unable to use their fingerprints due to skin damage or hereditary factors.  For the few who do not have fingerprint data, Eco Time offers a back-up option i.e. employees can use a proximity tag, pin-code to clock. Alternatively, Eco Time also offers Palm Scanning and Facial Recognition systems.


Palm Scanners


Palm Scanning uses the same process to scan an individual’s biometrics as fingerprint scanners. The only difference is that palm scanners scan a palm print instead of a fingerprint. Our palm scanning hardware also offers multibiometric identification (palm scanning & fingerprint scanning in one unit) for Time & Attendance and Access Control.


Palm patterns are also unique and stable over a lifetime and therefore an ideal method for identifying employees across a wide range of demographics. Palm scanning is also seen as a more hygienic alternative as the authentication does not require contact.


Face ID




Facial recognition is completely contactless and is considered the most hygienic biometric option. When the required conditions are met, the authenticating process is also quick and efficient.


Because facial templates cannot be duplicated, this is also a very secure means of verification for Time & Attendance as well as Access Control.


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