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HR Network Breakfast 2019 – POPIA

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HR Network Breakfast

HRworks host HR Network Breakfasts in Cape Town for the Human Resources profession. Their speakers cover topics of interest on HR, Training, Payroll and Employment Law updates. On Thursday, 24 October 2019, we joined Adria and her team, for a breakfast around understanding the Legal Framework of the POPI Act for HR professionals, presented by Ali Ncume. 


The POPI Act prescribes conditions on how an organisation and/or individuals can lawfully process personal information. Despite the enactment and the implementation of POPIA, organisations and/or individuals are still processing personal information contrary to conditions prescribed in the Act. The purpose of this morning session was to enable the participants to briefly understand the legal framework of POPIA, mainly:
- What is the purpose of POPIA?
- Who does POPIA apply to?
- What is "Personal Information"?
- How do you process "Personal Information" lawfully?
- What are the consequences of failing to comply with POPIA?


Speaker - Ali Ncume

Ali Ncume is a Managing Director and an admitted attorney at Ncume Labour Consulting. He completed his LLB at Nelson Mandela University (“NMU”) and served his articles at Greyvensteins Incorporated (“Greyvensteins”) in Port Elizabeth.  It is here that he gained invaluable experience in civil litigation and developed a consuming passion for all facets of employment law. Whilst pursuing his Masters Degree in Labour Law, Mr Ncume involved himself in all aspects of labour litigation, consultation and training.


Mr Ncume is now in possession of his Masters Degree in Labour Law and has completed the relevant Programme in Labour Law Practice, a course outsourced to the NMU by the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (“CCMA”). In addition to his role as a Managing Director, Mr Ncume is a lecturer in the Department of Mercantile Law at NMU.  He is also a part-time Commissioner at the CCMA and Education Labour Relations Council (“ELRC”), and an associate of the NMU Labour and Social Security Law Unit ("LSSLU"). 


Eco Time in HR

Eco Time is the preferred supplier of biometric clocking systems in the South African Time and Attendance market. With over twenty years of experience, Eco Time has earned a reputation for providing Time and Attendance solutions that match the requirements of its clients. 


Eco Time provides a range of business solutions, namely: Time and Attendance; Access Control; HR and Leave Management; Job Costing; Cloud Solutions; Mobile App; Visitor Management Systems and more . Eco Time’s systems are developed in South Africa for South Africa. With offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban, our clients can rest assured that there will always be a service consultant close at hand.

Value added benefits of an effective Time & Attendance system:

Transparency: Business owners need to have an idea of what is happening on the floor. Some business owners have more than one site, office, retail store, restaurant, or food outlet and they can’t be at all of them at same time. These owners can easily access the Eco Time system remotely and assess their staff compliment for the day and make notes on absenteeism, lateness, leaving early etc. The Eco Time dashboards feature makes this easily accessible and provides real-time information. 

Control: One can only effectively manage a business if you have control of your overheads. In the modern era there are management systems for just about any overhead or business process out there. This hands control back to the business owner and allows them to focus on growth rather than trying to plug holes caused by bad business practice. Time and Attendance solutions are no exception to this rule. The wage bill can be a significant overhead which needs to have a highly effective system in place for greater control.

Time Theft: Unfortunately it exists in most businesses. Direct time theft is, as mentioned above, when I clock my (absent) colleague in for the day using his clock card. Other examples include arriving late, leaving early, taking longer than permitted breaks. Eco Time provides business owners need peace of mind that they are not paying people for idle time. Indirect time theft is when wage clerks make adding or typing errors when processing payroll. Eco Time automates the payroll process, saving owners time and money. 

HR Benefits: The HR module is an integrated part of the Eco Time software and automatically electronically records attendance, absenteeism, hours worked etc. The system further incorporates advanced leave cycle management options, allowing companies to track their employees’ leave due and used. Eco Time also allows managers to draw powerful automated reports on absenteeism trends and attendance information.

We are confident we can cater for your Time & Attendance requirements. Don't take our word for it, have a look at what some of our clients have to say:


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