Eco Time SMS Feature

Eco Time SMS Feature

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SMS Employees

The Eco Time software has many unique, state of the art features designed to save you time and money by effectively managing your workforce. With in-house development and support, Eco Time is continuously upgrading and setting the trends in the industry, making Eco Time the preferred time and attendance company. 


The SMS feature available in Eco Time allows business owners and/or departments to SMS employees directly from the User Module. SMS alerts can be sent from the system automatically and can include things like:


  • Shift allocation and/or changes
  • Company updates
  • Important announcements 
  • And so much more!


Why SMS?

Texting allows for fast & immediate feedback from employees
Alternative means of communication if staff don't have email, laptops or PCs
Keeps employees informed
Fosters a sense of inclusion between employees & the company
Texting simplifies communication
Low risk bounce rate and therefore higher success rate
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