Why Eco Time?

Why Eco Time?

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Eco Time was founded in 1991 with a vision to add value by delivering a workforce management solution second to none. Simply put, Eco Time is the best Time and Attendance solution money can buy. 


What does it mean to effectively manage your workforce?

• A guarantee that your staff do not clock for each other and are not paid for hours they didn't actually work
• Addressing lost production time by tracking late arrivals, early departures and absenteeism
• By eliminating the laborious and mistake-ridden manual systems by automating your pay runs from start to finish
• Assessing your workforce for the day at a glance and making informed decisions about shift rosters and overtime
Cutting down on lost time from unnecessary extended breaks and overtime abuse
• Ensuring only authorised staff are allowed access to your premises and/or certain areas
Streamlining your production costs by associating labour hours with certain jobs or departments



How can we help you effectively manage your workforce?

Time and Attendance
Access Control
Human Resources
Job Costing
Cloud Solutions
Mobile Application
Finger Print ID
Face ID
Card Systems
Mobile Clock
Visitor Management System
Service Excellence

Why Eco Time?

Long and established track record in South Africa (since 1991)
Developed and supported in South Africa for South Africa
Modern, robust and sophisticated hardware options to fit your business
Designed to scale from small business to big enterprises
Powerful yet user-friendly software with training & demos
Free help-desk support
Free remote support of software and hardware
Full integration with accounting and payroll systems
Free software upgrades
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